How To Do Your Own WordPress Updates – Intranet (2)

Well, how to speed up wordpress – – the world is your oyster! Well, personally I have been waiting to write this tutorial so that all of our community users using Bluehost hosting can enjoy the free SSL for their websites. This particular method also involves a redirect method, but using this method; the attacker can track the IP address of the users and even without making them aware. In case an attacker has successfully gained access to a website and also has limited access, despite this he has access to make changes to htaccess, then this can be put into use for a myriad of exploitation cases.

Besides, the rewrite rules put into use for this, AddType may also be used for this. The moment it redirects to the PHP script, however, there is no image visible, owing to this there is no image included by the server on the page (so no PHP will be put into effect). However, PHP dynamic images can be used to deceive the server into believing it includes rofl into the page instead of sly.php. And htaccess will redirect it to the PHP script, further outputs an image; this deceives the server to believe that sly.php is rofl.jpg and includes the image as your profile picture while performing other PHP code that runs together with it.

For instance, if you have a website with your profile, and you have the provision of setting the profile image from a remote URL, then you can add rofl.jpg as your image from your URL. Let us assume that the attacker has hosted two files on your server namely – rofl.jpg (image file), and sly.php (PHP script) used to gain facts.

  • Create a new page or go to your existing page. Click on Backend Editor > Add Element > Button
  • Remove All Terminated Launches – Clear previous sessions
  • Choose a redirect type
  • Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor)
  • Setup WordPress Security
  • Backup Your WP Installation Folder
  • Fill in all the details about the new user

PHP script output can be made an image, and it will also run the harmful code together with it. The server will be made to think a valid image has been added. Looking from a server point of view, the request is being made to the image file. If lately, your website users have been complaining that they are being redirected to a website full of malware and spams every time they search for your website, then this means that your website has been hacked. The repercussions of this change is that the users are being redirected from Google to an infected website.

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